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A Fiddlers' Guide to Building Repertoire

A collection of 63 tunes from the New England, French Canadian, old-time, and Celtic genres.

Ideal for:

  • The fiddler or mandolin player looking to expand their repertoire
  • The classical violinist seeking to build a basic repertoire of fiddle tunes in various genres
  • A rhythm player looking for melody tracks to practice along with at home.

The book comes with two audio CD's containing each tune at a slow tempo and at regular speed.

The book includes example bowings of one way each tune might be bowed, to familiarize the student with common bowing patterns associated with each style. Suggested chords are included for rhythm players to play along.

Click here for a Youtube audio preview

Great teaching tool for violin and fiddle instructors!

Includes book plus 63 tunes, fast and slow, on two CDs.

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