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A Few Student Quotes

I am a 45 year old physician who picked up the fiddle again after putting it down shortly after high school. I signed up with Hope on the recommendation from another physician who also gushed with praise over her lessons. Hope has been a truly remarkable teacher, and every instruction or suggestion that she gives is pure gold.  Not all performers are great teachers and certainly not all teachers are great performers.  She is both.” -- Dr. John Cichon

“Hope is without a doubt the finest violin teacher in the universe.  I've seen my daughter Ashley go from nearly losing interest in the instrument as she was 2 years ago, to not wanting to put it down now. “
Jeff Smith

“Hope is talented, caring, and organized, a rare and wonderful combination.  She can quickly spot what you’re doing wrong and actually help you fix it.  This lady could teach a fish to ride a bicycle!” 
--- Ron Thomas

“My daughter, Katie, has been studying with Hope for about 8 months.  We have found her to be inspiring, fun, flexible, and best of all, challenging.  Hope somehow makes each lesson a delight for my daughter.  I can hear it in the laughter they share during the lesson and the glow on my daughter’s face when she leaves. -- Joe Uveges

“Hope is the rare combination of a sweet soul, fantastic music educator, and a great fiddle player.  I attribute a great deal of the musical interest, not just the violin, that our son Jory has to her.  She keeps her lessons fun, challenging, and informative.” --- Kerry and Deedi Lane

“Hope has been an inspiration to my daughter.  When my daughter began taking lessons a few years ago, she was already a decent violin player but was becoming frustrated with the instrument. Once she started taking fiddle lessons from Hope, it was like a breath of fresh air.  She fell totally in love with the fiddle and can't wait to pick it up and play, sometimes for hours at a time. --- DeeAnn Champlin

“Hope Grietzer possesses the unique ability to patiently teach young and old alike.  Hope’s broad range of musical talent ranges from classical to bluegrass, which is an absolute gift for any student who’s interests are not within a narrow range of style.   When I am questioned about my fiddle teacher and respond with Hope Grietzer, the immediate response is “You are in great hands!”  --- Cyndi Connolly

“At 58 years old, I thought it might be too late to learn to play the fiddle.  I had wanted to play since I was ten years old.  I started out with six weeks of Beginner Group Lessons with Hope and learned to play one new song every week.  Awhile later, I started private lessons and found her to be very patient and encouraging.  She never gets impatient if I don't catch on right away.  If I have a specific song I want to learn, she lets me go for it.  She keeps an eye on the way I hold my fiddle and bow, and offers suggestions for fine-tuning my form.  I couldn't ask for a more dedicated instructor.  And a plus is that when she plays, I become instantly inspired to practice even more than before.  She plays all types of music like an angel." ---Kathryn Meinzer

“Hope is such an awsome and patient teacher.  She is helping me to fulfill my dream of playing the fiddle, something I have wanted to do for many years.  She goes above and beyond with her teaching skills and her kindness. She always makes my lessons fun and is so encouraging.” --- Beverly Cress

Our daughter Holly had been playing violin for about 6 years, and it had always been a chore to get her to practice!  But ever since she's become involved with the Kid's Jam and taking lessons with Hope, she doesn't mind practicing at all.  She enjoys fiddle music very much, and we love to hear her play it!  We are hoping that she will continue to learn many new fiddle songs, and increase her skills.--- Kim Tate

“Hope’s fiddle classes are positive, supportive, and most of all, fun. I have learned a lot of techniques to get a better sound—this is missing from most video or audio courses.  If you’ve ever wanted to play this unforgiving but rewarding instrument you should give Hope’s classes a try.  ---Sue Coulter
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