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Dragonfly Band

It wasn't serendipity that brought Dragonfly together. It was more like a musical convergence meant to be. Cathy Camp-Davidson invited Hope Grietzer and Suzanna Schulze to join her in exploring the musical possibilities of combining traditional and classical genres. A wonderfully eclectic collection of trio arrangements of Scottish, Irish, French, Renaissance, and contemporary folk tunes is the result. 

Inspired by Mark O'Connor, Edgar Meyer, and Yo Yo Ma, who created the well-crafted Appalachia Waltz and Appalachian Journey CDs, Dragonfly is a nod in tribute to these master musicians, who, like darting, twisting, turning dragonflies, elegantly bridge the gaps between musical styles.

Bass: Cathy Camp-Davidson
Fiddle: Hope Grietzer
Cello: Suzanna Schulze

with special guest Jim MacWilliams on guitar

Recorded and mixed by Paul Schwotzer.
Cover photo: Jane McBee.

** Please note: Orders are temporarily suspended during the pandemic. **

Click on the highlighted tune titles below to hear .mp3 samples.

  1. Full-Rigged Ship/New-Rigged Ship
  2. Dragonfly Waltz
  3. The Crested Hen
  4. Eleanor Rigby
  5. Benjamin
  6. Appalachia Waltz
  7. Glass Island Reel/The Reconciliation
  8. Neil Gows Lament for his Second Wife
  9. Fantasy
  10. Limerock
  11. Ashokan Farewell
  12. McGlynn's Jigs

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