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There are a few different places to rent instruments. Renting is fairly inexpensive, anywhere from $15 to $25 a month depending on the instrument.

The first place I recommend is Shauna Fairbanks in Binghamton - her phone number is 607-724-1980, in the phone book under "Fairbanks Violins". She is also an instrument repair specialist and usually has good instruments.

Other options:

HMS Music at 27 Downs Ave in Binghamton also has rentals. They are at 607-238-7416.

Race Orchestral Strings in Ithaca. 607-319-4158

Hickey Music in Ithaca. 1-800-442-5397

Lastly, Yale Music in Sayre, PA also offers some decent entry level instruments - http://www.yalesmusic.com/ phone: 570-888-2517

You can also rent online from sharmusic.com. They have good quality instruments, will ship one to you that has been set up by a luthier for playability. Also, any money you spend on a rental can be put toward buying an instrument.

You will want a full size (4/4) instrument and bow. There should be a small box of rosin with the rental as well (for the bow).

I always tell folks to beware of websites online selling fiddle, bow and case for ridiculously low prices (ex: $99 for the whole outfit). Those instruments are often poorly made, extremely difficult to tune and are often nearly unplayable. Particularly the brightly colored (purple, blue, etc) instruments on some websites!

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