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Learn to Fiddle

An introduction to basic fiddling techniques using material from Bluegrass, Irish, Scottish, Old-time, and French Canadian styles.

  • 119 page instructional book

  • 3 CDs, with tunes slowed down and up to speed

  • Includes 83 tunes, exercises, and warmups

Great teaching tool for violin and fiddle instructors!

“Learn to Fiddle” was developed as a compilation of the instructional materials I’ve used over the years in my private teaching practice.

The 119 page book and its three companion CDs are targeted at fiddlers and violinists who are familiar with the basics of the instrument and are interested in exploring different fiddle styles.

The book starts slowly with material suitable for beginners and progresses to build the student’s repertoire of fiddle tunes and techniques using a variety of fun selections from several fiddle styles.

As fiddling is an aural tradition, use of the accompanying CDs is essential to truly benefit from this learning experience. All tune recordings are provided in slowed down and up to speed versions.

Chapters include:
First Fiddle Tunes—Chords and Backup—Hovering Fingers—Irish Mix—Playing Slowly—String Crossing—Georgia Shuffle—Old Time Tunes—Bowed Triplets—Jigs—Double Shuffle—Fills and Breaks—French Canadian Tunes—Playing up the neck—Alternate Tunings—Doublestops—Relative Majors and Minors

Warm ups—Exercises—Fiddle Reference Sheets—Learning to Read Music



Warmups and Exercises CD

In response to several requests, I'm offering an additional CD containing 70 minutes of recordings of the "Warmups" and "Exercises" portions of the Learn to Fiddle book. The CD is designed to be used in conjunction with the book.


Arpeggios - Bowing / Shuffle Exercises - Celtic Left Hand Ornaments - Dexterity - Drones - Dynamics - Meet the Pinkie - Fourth Finger Exercises - Intervals (Double stops) - Jig Rhythms - Low Second Finger / High Second Finger - Offbeat Exercises - Old Time Scoop Exercises - Right / Left Synchronization - Slurs - Shifting to Third Position


I Like To Eat Lots of Ice Cream - Dragons in My Rocking Chair - String Crossing - Tune Up Your Fingers - The Chug Shuffle - Frere Jaques - Triplets


** Please note: Orders are temporarily suspended during the pandemic.**



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